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Kaiser Digital Slide Duplicator

Kaiser Digital Slide Duplicator

Catalog #: 206506

Detachable achromatic 10 dioptre macro lens, can also be used separately. A lens with a focal length between 80 and 120 mm (based on full-frame sensor) is required to achieve full size copies, larger frames require higher focal length. Length: approx. 125 mm (4.9 in.)

Items Include:

* 6565: 58-52 mm adapter ring
* Holder for two 35mm slides up to a mount thickness of 3mm

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Length0 in (0 cm)
Dimensions6.69x3.54 in (17x9 cm)
Diameter2.76 in (7 cm)
Weight0.88 lb (0.4 kg)
Warranty Duration (Standard)2 Year
Kaiser Compatibility/Accessories (not including replacement lamps)206507

    Suitable adapter rings:
  • 6561: 55-52 mm
  • 6565: 58-52 mm (included)
  • 6569: 62-58 mm
  • 6573: 67-58 mm
  • 6576: 72-58 mm
  • 6578: 77-58 mm

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Kaiser Film Strip Carrier (206507)

For use with Slide Duplicator 6506.

+ $34.99
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RTX Camera Arm

Catalog Number: 5512


  • Horizontally adjustable via parallel guides with fine drive
  • Mounting plate turns +/- 90�
  • Spirit level
  • Camera mounts on front/rear

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